Upcoming Seminars

The date for our Spring Seminar is March 12, 2023
12 PM – 2 PM
Generations Tae Kwon Do
400 Lincoln Highway
Fairless Hills, PA 1900

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Our Mission
The Universal Systems of Martial Arts Organization (USMAO) exists as a vehicle for growth by providing martial artists with a professional network for sharing knowledge with the objective of promoting quality martial arts in our region.

Our Passion
USMAO provide practitioners of all styles of martial arts with an open forum for sharing techniques and principles with the express purpose of expanding their martial knowledge beyond that of their core system. USMAO is group of enthusiasts instructors dedicated to promoting training and knowledge of traditional and non traditional martial arts. The USMAO is a nonprofit organization, headed by a group of diverse instructors whose backgrounds in different styles of martial arts and many years of studying and teaching the martial arts and it’s history.

Our Training
USMAO offers Martial Arts Education and training to affiliated schools, members and other martial arts organizations. We provide Seminar program with expert instruction in the Martial Arts to all members. Promulgate the historical techniques and forms of Martial Arts and their proper interpretation that can be adopted to today’s environment. Establish and maintain a working relationship with affiliated schools, members and other martial arts organizations.

Executive Board:
Alan Cheung
Paul Cheng

Board Member:
Joe Varady
Michael Gallagher
Ramon Santiago Jr.

Tom Lugo

Vice President:
Tomeka Farrar


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